Karnataka Electricity Board Engineers' Association (KEBEA) is a registered body under the Societies Act XXI of 1860 with register number 76 dated 26th November 1963 in Karnataka. The KEBEA has the registered office located at No 28, Silver Jubilee Building, Race Course cross Road, Anand Rao Circle, Bangalore - 560009. All the Members from the entry cadre of Assistant Engineers in KPTCL and all the distribution companies up to the engineer Managing Directors of Distribution companies are the members. Number of members as on today are 4581.

KEBEA is recognized to be a strong body of power sector engineers in the state of Karnataka. It proactively participates in all the progressive policies of the State Government and provides feed back to the state government of the technical, commercial and administrative interventions periodically.

KEBEA has always evinced keen interest in service to its members. Members satisfaction is its motto. It has meaningfully adopted a logo to depict the message SERVICE IS OUR PRIVILEGE.

Evolution and Growth:

During the year 1961, when the strength of graduate engineers in the erstwhile Mysore State electricity Board was in single digits Mysore State Electricity Board (MSEB) Engineers' Association was formed. But the registration of the Association had to be postponed as the strength was less than the defined in the Societies Act. But the Association worked.

During 1962 when the strength of graduate engineers in erstwhile Mysore State Electricity Board (which covered the entire state) was under 65, some senior engineers who were in the helm of affairs sensed the need to establish a formidable forum . They were closely watching the impact of the MSEB employees Union (which was the only union in the then MSEB) in the matters of resolution of problems of either the sector or individuals. The size of engineers in the sector was visualized to grow with the sector soon. The problems that would be faced by such large numbers were also recognized. The need to contribute professional advice to the State was kept in mind. The solution to all these problems was forming a registered Association. Thus our MSEB Engineers Association came in to being in 1963.

The focus was to inculcate esprit de corps among the members and all public, promotion of technical knowledge to members, pooling and supplying of technical information by publishing periodical journals and importantly to promote the interests of engineers by organizing and uniting all engineers in the State. With the passage of states reorganization act, the name of the state was changed from Mysore state to Karnataka State in 1973. The name of MSEB Engineers Association was changed to KEB Engineers Association in 1973.

The Association was given the task to etch out the work load norms to the cadres of the power sector. This was equitably executed and the recommendations of the Association were adopted by the Board in 1975.

The KEBEA was recognized for its selfless involvement in developmental works of the State. The recruitment of the cadres were matching the approved work load norms. The transfers and postings were done in consultation with the Association for more efficiency. Even during reforms, the association extended full support to the State government but the interests of the members were safeguarded through a tripartite agreement.

The KEBEA celebrated the silver jubilee year in 1986. On 26th December in each year thereafter the KEBEA is commemorating this by conducting a silver jubilee commemoration lecture. The lecture is given by eminent engineers of the country. On the same day a Diary for the next year is also released which contains all the technical details required by the power sector engineers.

KEBEA has a welfare scheme to come good to the welfare of the members who pass away while in service. This is widely welcomed by all the members.

The Association requested the managements to spare lands of the sector to construct own buildings and to relentlessly peruse the activities. These requests were positively considered and as a result the association has constructed its own buildings in Bangalore, Mysore, Hubli, Mangalore, Tumkur, Davanagere, Belgaum, Gulbarga, Bijapur and Shimoga.

Considering the activities and usefulness of KEBEA to the state, the State Government of Karnataka agreed to appoint the President of the KEBEA as the Director on Board for KPTCL and all the Distribution companies to be a part of management. This gesture is unique in the country. This appointment started from the year 2003.

Roll of Honour

Year President General Secretary
1962-65 Er. J.L.D'Sa Er. M.V. Mallappa
Er. B.G. Rudrappa
1966-69 Er. M.R.Arya Er. B.G.Rudrappa
Er. M.N.Vishwanatha Setty
1970 Er. H.V.Somashekar Er. B. RajaRao
1971-75 Er. M.R. Arya Er. V. Srinivasa Murthy
1976-81 Er. M.R. Arya Er. M.Srinivasa
1982-85 Er. K.P. Sakkarappa Er. Mahadevaiah
1986-92 Er. G.D.Sakkari Er. K.C.Naikwadi
1992 Er. H.Panduranga Er. A.N.Ramanujam
1992-93 Er. H.Panduranga Er. K.R.Lakshmikantha
1993-95 Er. B.L.Subramanya Er. K.R.Lakshmikantha
1995-97 Er. M.Veeranna Gouda Er. L.Ravi
1997-99 Er. K.T.Nagaraj Er. K.R.Lakshmikantha
1999-03 Er. K.C.Naikwadi Er. L.Ravi
2003-05 Er. B.N.Sathyaprema Kumar Er.V.Venkatasiva Reddy
2005-08 Er. B.N.Sathyaprema Kumar Er. V.Venkatasiva Reddy
Er. A.N.Jayaraj
2008-11 Er. L.Ravi Er. V.Venkatasiva Reddy
2011-15 Er. V.Venkatasiva Reddy Er. V.S.Bidari
2015-19 Er. A.N.Jayaraj Er. S.Prakash Kumar
2019- Till date Er. T.M. Shivaprakash Er. K Thippeswamy